​My friends keep commenting on how different I am since the weekend breakthrough. I feel different too.

If I had known I could heal from my past in just a few days I would have done this years ago. Better late than never, right? Thank you, Kim. You have changed my entire future. Keisha

What is the investment for a counseling intensive?

What has your trauma and abuse already cost you?

Life, relationships, career, dreams, self-confidence, peace, and joy are all affected by it.

What would it be worth to you to have your life, emotions, and heart freed from the past? Who will you be, what will you be able to do when you are healed?

If you do nothing now will you be in the same place next year?

Will you look back and realize that you could have lived fully if you had come to the intensive and become healed and free?

A Weekend Counseling Intensive is an investment.

For the rest of your life, every day it will pay you back.

A counseling intensive isn’t inexpensive (it is in the four figure range) but it is really a small price to pay for healing and freedom that will last you a lifetime. And, it is just the beginning of a new future - I'll tell you more about that.

When you schedule a consultation with me, I'm not going to talk you into anything. We are seeking God's will for your healing.

Not everyone is suited for a Weekend Breakthrough.

As we talk I'll hear your story and, at the end of our conversation, we will both know whether this option is what the Lord wants for you.

One weekend and the painful memories will be healed.

One weekend to be freed from your past.

Then I will help you build your future in a healthy, powerful, joyful way.

The sessions I had with Kim were amazing!

She encourages, empathizes, and is compassionate. Always pointing us to Christ. God is using Kim in a mighty way no doubt about that and God has truly gifted her with the ability to speak the truth in such a short time.

God has gifted Kim with uniqueness and style all of her own, she is being led by the Spirit and is willing to use her gifts and talents as the Lord leads. Kim radiates the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit within her is very powerful.


I wanted to get over the things that have bothered me for so long and I was ready to dive in and get it done.

I signed up for the counseling intensive thinking it would get me a jump start on my issues but figured I'd still need a lot of counseling after.

Well, we got so much accomplished that I have only needed two follow-up sessions and they were both for really small issues.


Your Intensive - One Incredible Weekend of Healing PLUS

Fifteen More Months Together Designing a Powerful New Life

In one weekend we will heal your trauma and abuse memories. Guaranteed.

Then, over the next 15 months, we are going to work together to create the life you were always meant to live.

This isn't counseling - this is a life transformation.

You are going to leave the Weekend Breakthrough fully healed and totally free from past memories and then we are going to make sure that you live that out every day.

THIS is the exciting part!

You will automatically become a part of the Connected Heart Project.

The normal fee for this is $5500 but is included in your intensive.

We discover your full design and then bring it to life. Every part of life can change into something spectacular. Every month you reach new heights and break through old limitations.

You will be freed to live the life Christ intended for you and become His design for you. No more obstacles of the heart to limit your life.

This is going to take a bit of work but it is so worth it. And, I will be with you for a full year to implement your amazing new life.

Then, you will automatically be enrolled for one year into Elevate - next level living

The yearly fee for Elevate is $1164 but is included in your intensive.

Want to know how to live a healthy, powerful, connected life with Christ? Every month we will take giant leaps in growth. We focus on one part of life each month to gain mastery and then we move to another area next month.

Month by month you will grow, your life will become stronger and fuller.

This is intentional transformation. In six months, you won't believe how far you have come.

Here's What Past Clients Have to Say:

For anyone, who needs and wants healing, without the whole months and/or years of counseling without any true and lasting freedom. I highly recommend Dr. Kim West!

I praise God for sending His chosen vessel along when He did.


I walked into the weekend intensive with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked out free as a bird. God is so good and Dr. Kim is an amazing counselor.


I couldn't have been more skeptical but I also couldn't take the pain anymore.

I'd been in counseling before and it didn't change anything. So, why would this weekend intensive thing work?

Well, it did! I'm still stunned. Those memories that haunted me don't bother me at all now.

Instead, when I do think about them, and it isn't often, I just feel the peace of Christ.

I am forever grateful for what Dr. West has done for me. I am healed and free!


What is your investment in your changed life?

Your Weekend Intensive

  • healed of painful memories from your past in just days
  • no more shame or pain
  • an intimate relationship with Christ
  • permanent and complete healing
  • set free from the past

PLUS The Connected Heart Project

  • 3 months of intensive identity rebuilding
  • relearn healthy attachment to self, God and others
  • release a powerful, Christian mind
  • 12 one-to-one sessions with Dr. Kim
  • unlimited texts and email support
  • be a part of a community of amazing Christian women

my gift to you - $5500

PLUS Elevate - Next Level Living

  • one full year of intentional and practical growth
  • each month gain mastery in a new area of life
  • change your life month by month
  • you are a member of a community of like-minded Christian women

my gift to you - $1164

Your Investment in a Healed, Whole and Free Life

Your Weekend Intensive - $7500

(healed and free in just days, not years)

The Connected Heart Project - $5500

(3 months with me creating your new, healthy identity)

Elevate - Next Level Living - $1164

(one year of intentional, next-level growth)

Total value $14,164

Minus my gift to you - $6664

Your full investment $7500

(Financing available as low as $150 per month)

Ready to talk?

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Let's see if a weekend counseling intensive is how God wants to bring you healing and freedom from the pain of your past.

We'll talk for a bit and discover whether you are a good candidate for this type of intense counseling. I will honestly let you know if this isn't right for you. If not, we will talk about other options that will be a great fit.

Interested in a Weekend Counseling Intensive?

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3. Spend the next 15 months designing a life you absolutely love!

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